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After-sale Service

Warranty Agreement

1) The warranty period of the product is 12 months (Bar code of the product shall prevai). If the product malfunctions or breaks down when it is used under nomal conditions based on Operating Instruction and the produdt is within warany period, our company shall repair it free of charge.

2) Our compary shall charge certain fees for repair if the breakdown of the product is caused by the fllowing reasons even though the product is within the warranty period:

A. Breakdown caused by wrong operation, unprofessional repair and transfomation;

B. Breakdown caused by fire disaster, flood, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters and secondary disasters;

C. Hardware breakdown caused by man-made fall off and transpotaion ssues afer purchasing;

D. Breakdown caused by wrong operation that without the reference of User's Manual provided by our company;

E. Malfunction or breakdown caused by problems (such as problems of peripheral equipment ) that have nothing to with the product itelf;

3) When your product malfuctions or breaks down, please l in your Warranty Card corectly and carefully.

4) The repair fees are based on our company's newly- adjusted Price List of Maintenance.

5) Each product just has one Waranty Card, please reserve the card carefuly and take your card while repairing the product.

6) If you encounter any problems duning the repair, please contact our company or its agents immediately.

7) ANCHUAN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. reserves the right to interpret the agreement.

Warranty Policy

If you purchase our company's products, we will provide a 24-month warranty period. During the guarantee period, it is free to repair it. If the man-made damage is found during the warranty time,our company will answer for the maintenance and will answer for the maintenance and will charge the maintenance costs generated by this.

Shipping Info

Because our company utilizes a variety of shipping approaches, after we have acquired a product, we have the option of selecting either ocean freight, air freight, or express delivery. In order to fulfill the requirements of our customers in the most effective manner, we will select the mode of transportation that best fits the bill. When it comes to the amount of time it takes for the items to be delivered, modest orders take between three and five working days, while large purchases take between ten and fifteen working days. 

Research & Development

We always adhere to the quality first principles in product research and development, and we employ world-class high-tech (such as DSP technology, current vector technology, and IPM) in the manufacturing and sale of frequency inverter and power electronic products. The product has four features: high efficiency, compact volume, minimal noise, and extremely reliable performance. It is widely employed in automatic machine equipment both domestically and internationally.



Good service and quick response time as a well as after sales support.


 Have been using this item for close to 6 years now and still running. Will buy other models asap.


if I can leave 1000 stars I will. the products is good and the supplier is nice to talk with. they're product and service is efficient.

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