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2022-2023 Sales Exceeded 4000w!

Sep 20 , 2023

We have an increasingly powerful technical force and a more thorough quality control system thanks to the work of numerous divisions inside our company. At the same time, we have cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and equipment. We have adopted a new company philosophy, scientific management, followed international trends, and built the "Anchuan" brand in these four years. We dominate the home market with high-quality products, low costs, and first-rate services. 

2022-2023 Sales exceeded 4000w!

Our products are sold in nations throughout Europe, America, the Middle East, and Africa. Our product is of exceptional quality, and we have earned universal consumer approval.

2022-2023 Sales exceeded 4000w!

Looking ahead, we hope that our company will continue to work hard, keep a close eye on new conditions and aims, strive for new breakthroughs with an innovative attitude, strive for new development, and promote the company to achieve higher results in the future.

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